U.S. Export Sales
March 15, 2018
(Data for Weekending March 8)

Due to inclement weather in the Washington, DC area, the next U.S. Export Sales report is scheduled for release at 8:30 A.M. on Friday, March 23, 2018.  If you have any questions, please call (202) 720-9209, or email esr@fas.usda.gov. 


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Summary Reports:

Weekly Highlights Complete Weekly Report
Weekly Summary Activity Summary Weekly Report
Weekly Cotton Activity Weekly Hides Activity
Individual Commodity Reports:
Wheat Cotton
-- Hard red winter
-- Soft red winter
-- Hard red spring
-- White
-- Durum
-- Wheat products


-- American Pima - Raw, extra long staple
-- Upland - Raw, staple length 1 1/16" and over
-- Upland - Raw, staple length 1" up to 1 1/16"
-- Upland - Raw, staple length under 1"
Feed Grains Oilseeds
Rice Hides and Skins
-- Long grain, rough
-- Medium, short and other classes, rough
-- Long grain, brown
-- Medium, short and other classes, brown
-- Long grain, milled
-- Medium, short and other classes, milled
-- Whole cattle hides, excluding wet blues
-- Whole calf skins, excluding wet blues
-- Whole kip skins, excluding wet blues
-- Cattle calf, and kip cut into croupons, crops, dossets, sides, butts and butt ends
-- Cattle, calf and kip in cuts not otherwise specified
-- Wet blues - unsplit hide equivalent
-- Wet blues - grain splits hide equivalent
-- Wet blues - splits, excluding grain splits


 Beef  Pork
Weekly Net Sales and Exports:
--1st week of month   (Mar 1)
--2nd week of month  (Mar 8)
--3rd week of month  (Feb 15)
--4th week of month  (Feb  22)
--5th week of month  (Nov 30)
Complete Weekly Reports:
--1st week of month   (Mar 1)
--2nd week of month  (Mar 8)
--3rd week of month   (Feb 15)
--4th week of month   (Feb 22)
--5th week of month  (Nov 30)
Weekly Sales, Decreases and Changes of Destination "Bell Report":
--1st week of month   (Mar 1)
--2nd week of month  (Mar 8)
--3th week of month  (Feb 15)
--4th week of month 
(Feb 22)
--5th week of month   (Nov 30)
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