Electronic Data Submission for Licensees operating under 7 CFR 1530

Refined Sugar Re-Export Program, Sugar Containing Products Re-export Program, and Polyhydric Program
Licensees of the above programs should click on "Electronic Submission" (see left panel) to submit reports of license transactions to USDA.
You will need to create a spreadsheet file on your computer with data organized in a particular format. Please review the template for your license type provided below.
Click on the license type in the header of each template for detailed descriptions of each field.
Refiner Template
Unique Number Transaction Type Transaction Date MTRV Quantity (LBS) Country Code Recipient License Number
Sugar-Containing Product Template
Unique Number Transaction Date Quantity (LBS) Country Code
Polyhydric Template
Unique Number Transaction Date Quantity (LBS)
OMB Control Number: 0551-0015