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Whether you are new to exporting or your company has been in the business for years, find out how FAS and its partners can help you build markets for your products around the globe.

Are You Ready to Export?                                          Check out USDA-FAS services and support for new-to-market and small-to-medium size U.S. enterprises interested in “exporting

Are There U.S. Government Resources Available to Assist Your Export Efforts?                                                      Check out the Exporter's Matrix: Handbook for U.S. Agribusinesses which is a guidance document for U.S. agribusiness firms seeking information on programs and services offered by the USDA and USDC, the primary U.S. government entities involved in export of U.S. food, fish and agricultural products and production inputs.     

Is Export Financing Holding You Back?                           To mitigate export financing as a constraint the USDA offers the Export Credit Guarantee Program (GSM-102) program.  This program guarantees repayment when U.S. banks extend credit to foreign banks to finance sales of U.S. agricultural products.


How do you find a Caribbean Importer?

You may either Contact Us for a list of top importers for your product or, if you prefer, you may sign up for the USDA-FAS new online “Trade Lead System.”   This updated system, activated on May 2015, connects exporters of U.S. food and agricultural products with potential customers around the world, including those registered from the Caribbean region.  “The Trade Lead System is one of the many services and tools USDA offers for those exploring overseas market opportunities for their products.”   “This free-of-charge system offers any company, small or large, new to exporting or already exporting, a real-time way of learning what agricultural or food products are being sought by foreign buyers.”



Where can You Find Information on the Caribbean Market? 

Start by checking out our Market Intelligence and our Market Information pages.  Our office continually reports on the market opportunities, market access issues and regulations, the distribution channel, trade date and competitors for U.S. food products in the Caribbean publishes many such reports via the Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN).  Additionally, we can link you to other useful market research produced by the “State Regional Trade Groups” whom FAS collaborates with globally.


Where can You Readily Meet Importers of U.S. food and agricultural products? 

At CBATO supported U.S. Trade Shows, which specifically targets Caribbean importers, or at USDA endorsed U.S. Trade Shows, which identifies an array of specialty product shows in the United States. 

Who Can Simplify the International Shipping Process?The Transportation Services Branch (TSB) of the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) informs, represents, and assists shippers of agricultural products through services ranging from “Market reports (Ocean Rate Bulletin, database of ocean freight costs)” and a “Directory of Freight Forwarders Serving Agricultural Shippers” to providing “Economic analysis and reports” to “Technical assistance and handbooks.”  Inquire with the AMS Transportation Research and Analysis Branch about available information and services.



This page was last updated: 03/16/2018