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FAS Overseas Office Directory Search Results

This information is provided for the convenience of U.S. agricultural exporters and others involved in international agricultural affairs. For information pertaining to any of the offices listed, the initial contact should be with the Area Director or Program Assistant responsible for that post. General questions about FAS overseas offices should be directed to the Assistant Deputy Administrator for the Office of Foreign Service Operations, FAS.

Your search for FAS Overseas Offices has returned the following results:

Agriculture, USEU, Brussels
The Office Covers: Luxembourg
Office Hours:  9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
FSO Direct Line: (011-32-2) 811-4698 (Lappin)
FSO Direct Line: (011-32-2) 811-5402 (Allen)
FSO Direct Line: (011-32-2) 811-4245 (Gilbert)
FSO Direct Line: (011-32-2) 811-4154 (Zanin)
Telephone: (011-32-2) 811-4247
Tel-Direct Line:  (011-32-2) 811-4628 (Conf room phone)
Embassy: (011-32-2) 811-4000
Fax: (011-32-2) 811-5560

Office of Agricultural Affairs
Unit 7600, Box 6000
DPO AE 09710

In-Country Mailing Address
27, Blvd du Regent
1000 Brussels

Foreign Service Personnel
Bruce Zanin (Agricultural Minister - Counselor)
Anthony Gilbert (Senior Agricultural Attaché)
Lisa Allen (Agricultural Attaché)
Elisa Fertig (Agricultural Attaché)