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Foreign Service Personnel

FAS currently deploys Foreign Service personnel in countries around the world. Their names (in alphabetical order), positions and the locations of the offices to which they are assigned are listed below. Click on a name to send an e-mail message to that individual's office. Click on a location to view the office's details.

Name (Position)Office Location
Abdi, Ali (Agricultural Minister - Counselor)Pretoria, South Africa

Ahramjian, Lisa (Agricultural Attache)Kyiv, Ukraine

Akingbe, Tayo (Agricultural Attache)Cairo, Egypt

Allen, Lisa (Director)Seoul, Korea, Republic Of

Alvarado, Daniel (Agricultural Attache)Mexico City, Mexico

Anderson-Sprecher, Andrew (Director)Seoul, Korea, Republic Of

Archibald, Dan (Director)Monterrey, Mexico

Babcock, Tyler (Senior Agricultural Attache)Ottawa, Canada

Baych, Alexandra (Agricultural Attache)Beijing, China

Bean, Ralph (Agricultural Counselor)Hanoi, Vietnam

Bean, Casey (Agricultural Counselor)Bogota, Colombia

Bean, Casey (Agricultural Counselor)Bogota, Colombia

Bedford, Ryan (Agricultural Attache)Manila, Philippines

Bedford, Ryan (Director)Shenyang, China

Beillard, Mariano (Senior Agricultural Attache)New Delhi, India

Berk, Chanda (Director)Tokyo, Japan

Bickford, Rachel (Agricultural Counselor)Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bielecki, Christopher (Agricultural Attache)Nur-Sultan (Astana), Kazakhstan

Blamberg, Alexander (Director)Osaka, Japan

Blaustein, Lucas (Agricultural Attache)Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Boroughs, Benjamin (Agricultural Attache)Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bradley, Andre (Deputy Director)Mexico City, Mexico

Branson, Adam (Senior Agricultural Attache)Beijing, China

Brown, Valerie (Agricultural Counselor)Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Bruce, Candice (Director)Miami, Caribbean Basin

Bryant, Zeke (Agricultural Attache)Lima, Peru

Bumpas, Barrett (Agricultural Attache)Dakar, Senegal

Caldwell, Amy (Agricultural Attache)Pretoria, South Africa

Clever, Jennifer (Director)Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Conlon, Michael (Agricultural Counselor)Brasilia, Brazil

Covert, Erin (Deputy Director)Beijing, China

Dries, Mark (Agricultural Minister - Counselor)Seoul, Korea, Republic Of

Elms, Rhiannon (Agricultural Attache)Mexico City, Mexico

Fertig, Elisa (Agricultural Attache)Brussels, Belgium

Flake, Levin (Agricultural Counselor)Canberra, Australia

Ford, Mark (Agricultural Attache)Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Francic, Megan (Agricultural Attache)Dhaka, Bangladesh

Francom, Michael (Agricultural Counselor)Ankara, Turkey

Frederick, Chris (Director)Shenyang, China

Geller, Laura (Agricultural Attache)Kyiv, Ukraine

Geller, Laura (Agricultural Attache)Kyiv, Ukraine

Gilbert, Anthony (Senior Agricultural Attache)Brussels, Belgium

Giles, Frederick (Agricultural Counselor)Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Gilleski, Sarah (Agricultural Attache)Hanoi, Vietnam

Gray, Robin (Agricultural Counselor)Dakar, Senegal

Guven, Cynthia (Agricultural Counselor)London, United Kingdom

Haas, Morgan (Agricultural Counselor)Manila, Philippines

Hallman, Alan (Agricultural Attache)Beijing, China

Hansen, Erik (Director)Shanghai, China

Hanson, Robert (Agricultural Counselor)Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanzel, Mark (Agricultural Attache)Manila, Philippines

Hanzel, Mark (Deputy Director)Shanghai, China

Harrison, Timothy (Agricultural Attache)Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hayes, Philip (Agricultural Attache)Ottawa, Canada

Hernandez, Alicia (Agricultural Attache)Warsaw, Poland

Higgins, Holly (Agricultural Minister - Counselor)Mexico City, Mexico

Hochhalter, Andrew (Agricultural Attache)Guatemala City, Guatemala

Klein, Adam (Agricultural Attache)Bogota, Colombia

Kuss, Erich (Chief)Taipei, Taiwan

Kuypers, Karisha (Agricultural Attache)Madrid, Spain

Leishman, David (Agricultural Counselor)Paris, France

Leonardi, Elizabeth (Senior Agricultural Attache)Geneva, Switzerland

Luxbacher, Kirsten (Agricultural Attache)Berlin, Germany

Madrid, Juliana (Administrative Officer)Beijing, China

Malecha, Lindsay (Deputy Director)Guangzhou, China

Mangino, Evan (Agricultural Counselor)San Jose, Costa Rica

Mazon, Enrique (Deputy Director)Tokyo, Japan

Mcdonald, Garrett (Agricultural Attache)Beijing, China

Mcgrath, Chase (Agricultural Attache)Beijing, China

Mcguire, Tymothy (Agricultural Attache)Seoul, Korea, Republic Of

Mcleod, Lashonda (Director)Beijing, China

Mcmackle, Tracy (Administrative Officer)Geneva, Switzerland

Mello, Elizabeth (Senior Agricultural Attache)Cairo, Egypt

Mikulski, Neil (Senior Agricultural Attache)Seoul, Korea, Republic Of

Mullis, Eric (Agricultural Attache)Bangkok, Thailand

Mumma, Christine (Agricultural Attache)Ankara, Turkey

Nelson, Rachel (Agricultural Counselor)Guatemala City, Guatemala

Nguema, Abigail (Agricultural Attache)Mexico City, Mexico

Nicely, Russell (Agricultural Counselor)Accra, Ghana

Nishiura, Katherine (Agricultural Minister - Counselor)Ottawa, Canada

Olson, Peter (Agricultural Attache)Panama City, Panama

Osinski, Jasmine (Agricultural Attache)Jakarta, Indonesia

Perkins, Morgan (Agricultural Minister - Counselor)Tokyo, Japan

Petlock, Benjamin (Senior Agricultural Attache)Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Phillips, Stanley (Agricultural Minister - Counselor)Geneva, Switzerland

Podesta, Nicole (Agricultural Attache)Brasilia, Brazil

Rakhovskaya, Maria (Agricultural Attache)Bangkok, Thailand

Rakhovskaya, Maria (Agricultural Attache)Tokyo, Japan

Richey Jr, Bobby (Agricultural Minister - Counselor)Beijing, China

Riker, Christopher (Agricultural Attache)The Hague, Netherlands

Rittgers, Christopher (Agricultural Counselor)Islamabad, Pakistan

Rosmann, Mark (Agricultural Attache)New Delhi, India

Rubio, Nicolas (Director)Sao Paulo, Brazil

Rush, Charles (Agricultural Attache)Rome, Italy

Sandoval, Lazaro (Senior Agricultural Attache)Mumbai, India

Santella, Rey (Agricultural Counselor)Jakarta, Indonesia

Sawatzki, Kimberly (Agricultural Counselor)Berlin, Germany

Scott, Ryan (Agricultural Counselor)Nairobi, Kenya

Scott, Emily (Director)Taipei, Taiwan

Seifarth, Kurt (Agricultural Minister - Counselor)Cairo, Egypt

Slette, Jonn (Director)Mexico City, Mexico

Smith, Gerald (Agricultural Counselor)Lagos, Nigeria

Snyder, Matthew (Agricultural Attache)Nairobi, Kenya

Spears, Zeke (Agricultural Attache)Tokyo, Japan

Stange, Kelly (Agricultural Counselor)Bangkok, Thailand

Syngle, Erik (Deputy Chief)Taipei, Taiwan

Tate, Bret (Agricultural Attache)Santiago, Chile

Taylor Iii, Trip (Agricultural Attache)Brussels, Belgium

Thorburn Jr, W. Garth (Agricultural Minister - Counselor)Brussels, Belgium

Torry, Justina (Agricultural Attache)Algiers, Algeria

Tuebner, Robert (Agricultural Attache)Accra, Ghana

Ustinova, Evgenia (Agricultural Attache)Brasilia, Brazil

Vasquez, Orestes (Agricultural Counselor)Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Verdonk, Ronald (Agricultural Minister - Counselor)New Delhi, India

Wallace, Mark (Agricultural Attache)Tokyo, Japan

Wilder, Dwight (Agricultural Counselor)Lima, Peru

Woody, Katherine (Senior Agricultural Attache)Pretoria, South Africa

Wright, Thom (Agricultural Attache)Rabat, Morocco

Yao, Kathy (Agricultural Attache)London, United Kingdom