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FAS Overseas Office Directory

FAS staffs 94 offices in 75 countries around the world. FAS Foreign Service Officers (FSO) and Locally-Employed Staff (LES) — while not maintaining a physical presence — also monitor and report on the agricultural trade matters of an additional 100 countries.

FAS Overseas Offices by Country, City and Office Type (select one or more)

Office Types
AIT  American Institute in Taiwan
ATO  Agricultural Trade Office
FAO  Food and Agriculture Organization on the United Nations
OAA  Office of Agricultural Affairs
OCBD  Office of Capacity Building and Development
USEU  U.S. Mission to the European Union
UNMIS  U.S. Mission to the United Nations
USTR  U.S. Trade Representative

FAS Overseas Offices by Region (select one or more)

Office and Personnel Reports
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