Global Food for Education Pilot Initiative

Young student studing in classroom. Under the pilot Global Food for Education Initiative, USDA donated surplus U.S. agricultural commodities for use in school feeding and pre-school nutrition programs in developing countries. These school feeding programs help assure that children attend and remain in school, improve childhood development and achievement, and thereby contribute to more self-reliant, productive societies. The initiative was announced in July 2000, building on ideas promoted by Ambassador George McGovern and former Senator Bob Dole.

The pilot initiative was implemented in fiscal years 2001 and 2002, with completion expected in fiscal year 2003.  Under the pilot, USDA’s Commodity Credit Corporation committed $300 million for U.S. commodities, transportation, and administrative expenses.  Commodities are being donated under the authority of the Section 416(b) program.  The USDA-approved projects are being conducted through the United Nations World Food Program, private voluntary organizations, and eligible foreign governments.

The new McGovern-Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program replaces the pilot Global Food for Education Initiative.

Young student showing off a plate of food.
School House icon GFE Final Report (December 2004)
School House icon GFE Implementation Report to Congress (February 2003)
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Projects Implemented 
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Arrow graphic  FY 2001 Shipping Status and Agreements  
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School House icon Announcement of FY 2001 Program 
  Arrow graphic  USDA Invites Proposals for Global Food for
    Education Initiative  (9/7/2000)

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White House Announces New Steps to 
    Improve Nutrition and Education for Children in
    Developing Countries   (Dec. 28, 2000)
Arrow graphic  Presidential remarks at Global Feeding Event 
    (Dec. 28, 2000)

Arrow graphic  Secretary Glickman’s Column  (August 2000)
Arrow graphic  Secretary Glickman’s testimony
    (July 27, 2000)
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