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Export Credit Guarantee Programs

GSM-102 Country/Regional Analysts

Please contact the appropriate specialist with questions regarding country/regional programs for GSM-102.

 Programs  Business Development, Planning & Analysis Phone Number GSM Registration Specialist Phone Number GSM Country and Bank Specialist Phone Number

Country/Regional Information

Africa, Middle East Michele Kennedy-Kouadio 202-720-5151 Randy Baxter 202-690-3143 Miguel Parkins 202-720-3092
Caribbean Juan McCoy 202-720-0370 Paula Lane 202-720-0335 Scott Kim 202-401-0218
Central America Juan McCoy 202-720-0370 James Davis 202-720-1338  
       Costa Rica   Miguel Parkins 202-720-3092
        El Salvador and Honduras   Scott Kim 202-401-0218
      Guatemala   Nestor Gregory 202-720-9843
      Panama    Tim Hunt 202-720-1376
Caucusus/Central Asia Chris Williams 202-720-7241 James Davis 202-720-1338 Nestor Gregory 202-720-9843
Asia Region Barbara Wojcik-Betancourt 202-720-3225 Josephine Liu 202-720-9292 Eli Fleminger 202-401-2575
Mexico Juan McCoy 202-720-0370 Josephine Liu 202-720-9292 Scott Kim 202-401-0218
Russia Chris Williams 202-720-7241 Randy Baxter 202-690-3143 Nestor Gregory 202-720-9843
South America Juan McCoy 202-720-0370 LaQuita Abbey 202-205-3614 Hal Taylor 202-690-1267
      Peru   Tim Hunt 202-720-1376
South Korea Chris Williams 202-720-7241 James Davis 202-720-1338 Eli Fleminger 202-401-2575
Southeast Asia Barbara Wojcik-Betancourt 202-720-3225 Josephine Liu 202-720-9292  
      Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand Scott Kim 202-401-0218
      Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam   Rita Carleton 202-720-9357
Turkey Chris Williams 202-720-7241 Paula Lane 202-720-0335 Michael Smith 202-720-1282

GSM Documentation

Notices of Assignments LaQuita Abbey



Director, CCC Operations Division

1400 Independence Ave. SW

Room 5519-S

Washington, DC  20250

Evidence of Export MaryAnn Wallace 202-720-2955
Exporter Qualification Applications LaQuita Abbey
Wilhemina Leake

All inquiries and questions regarding the GSM-102 program should be made through the specialists listed above. 

Planning and Analysis   Registrations & Operations   Risk and Asset Mgmt  
Branch Chiefs Jonathan Doster 202-720-2074 Daniele Swain 202-720-3277 Teri Ryan 202-720-0663

Business Development, Planning & Analysis: Contact for GSM planning and business development.
Registration Specialist:
Contact for specific questions regarding GSM registration and applications.
Country and Bank  Specialist: Contact for U.S. and foreign banking and country risk questions.

Program Contact: Director, Credit Programs Division; Office of Trade Programs, Foreign Agricultural Service, USDA; Stop 1025; 1400 Independence Avenue, SW; Washington, DC 20250-1025; TEL (202) 720-3224; FAX (202) 720-2495; E-MAIL gsm.registrations@fas.usda.gov