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WASHINGTON, March 28, 2003 B The U.S. Department of Agriculture today announced preliminary fiscal year 2003 allocations of $156.8 million for programs funded under Public Law 480, Title I, and Title I-funded Food for Progress programs.

Six countries are eligible to receive commodities valued at $96 million through the Title I concessional sales program. The allocations for Title I-funded Food for Progress programs total $60.8 million to 10 countries. These include eight government-to-government programs and two programs for private voluntary organizations in Kenya and Peru. The ocean freight differential costs associated with the cargo preference requirements for the entire Title I program are an estimated $20 million.

P.L. 480, Title I, is a concessional sales program that promotes exports of U.S. agricultural commodities and fosters broad-based sustainable development in recipient countries. The program provides export financing over payment periods of up to 30 years, low interest rates and maximum grace periods of up to five years on payments of principal. Private entities, including agricultural trade organizations, are authorized to participate in the program. P.L. 480, Title I, allocations are announced each year as part of USDA’s global food aid programming and are not tied to recent announcements of emergency food assistance.

Countries eligible for the Title I program are those developing countries experiencing a shortage of foreign exchange earnings and difficulty meeting all of their food needs through commercial channels. The factors that determine priorities for country allocations include food needs and likely improvement of food security through agricultural projects and economic measures. The allocations take into account changing economic and foreign policy situations, market development opportunities, existence of adequate storage facilities and possible disincentives to local production.

The Food for Progress program is an independently authorized program that may provide grants funded with Title I monies. It is used to support countries that have made commitments to introduce or expand free enterprise elements in their agricultural economies. These changes involve commodity pricing, marketing, input availability, distribution and private sector involvement.

USDA=s Foreign Agricultural Service administers the P.L. 480, Title I, and Food for Progress programs. For further information, contact Debra Pfaff, FAS, USDA, (202) 720-7437. The list of country allocations follows.

FY 2003 Public Law 480 Title I Country and Commodity Allocations  


(Mil $)    


Estimated Ocean Freight Financing  (Mil $)   Wheat Rice

Other Grains1  

Pulses Tallow TBD2
      (--------------------000 Metric Tons------------------------)  
El Salvador 5.0   23.7         3.9    
Indonesia 21.0     96.2   3.9      
Jordan 20.0   135.7          
Pakistan 15.0             TBD  
Philippines 20.0     86.5   7.9        
Uzbekistan 15.0     72.1        
Total 96.0   159.4   254.8   7.9  




1Other grains include sorghum and feed peas.  
TBD = To be determined.


FY 2003 Title I-Funded Food for Progress Program      

                                                    Country and Commodity Allocations  

Country Total  (Mil $)1   Freight Cost (Mil $)   Wheat Wheat Flour   Wheat Seed   Rice   Other Grains2   Vegetable Oil   Pulses3  
      (-------------------------000 Metric Tons-------------------------)  
Afghanistan 5.0   1.0             4.2   .3  
Cameroon   6.0   0.9         24.5      
Eritrea   6.0 1.3 6.7       34.3    
Ethiopia   6.0   1.1   33.4            
Honduras   6.0   1.1   33.1            
Kenya   2.9   0.7   15.0              


2.4   24.5            


1.9   0.3   10.5              
Tajikistan   1.0   0.4       2.6          
Yemen   20.0   4.3 63.3   23.4          
Total   60.8 13.5   186.5 23.4   2.6   24.5 34.3   4.2 1.3  

1For Food for Progress programs, the total allocation includes commodity and transportation costs.  
Other grains include sorghum and feed peas.  
Pulses include peas, beans and lentils.

  P.L. 480 Title I Credits and Title I-Funded Food for Progress Allocations

                                                                                                        (Mil $)

Allocated Financing and Grants


Ocean Freight Differential








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