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WASHINGTON, Jan. 22, 2002--The Foreign Agricultural Service today announced three waivers to U.S. sugar regulations. These waivers will ensure that U.S. sugar-containing product exports remain competitively priced in the world market and that the U.S. sugar industry can continue its effective use of the USDA sugar re-export programs.

Companies licensed to participate in the Refined Sugar Re-Export Program, the Sugar-Containing Products Re-Export Program and the Polyhydric Alcohol Program may benefit from these waivers. These waivers are temporary until the applicable U.S. sugar regulations are formally revised and reissued.

For the U.S. sugar industry, these waivers mean that: 1) all sucrose produced in the United States may benefit from these programs; 2) manufacturers or polyhydric alcohol producers may maintain legal title of the imported sugar throughout the entire process, from import as raw cane sugar, through refining, to final transfer to the license of the manufacturer or polyhydric alcohol producer; and 3) a U.S. broker, wholesaler or distributor or foreign entity may be listed as the exporter ("principal party in interest") on the "Shippers Export Declaration" or the Automated Export System record.

To review the specific waivers, go to on the FAS Web site. For additional information, contact the Import Policies and Programs Division at (202) 720-2916.

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