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CCC Changes DEIP Amendment Policy

WASHINGTON, Jan. 6, 1998--This release corrects an error in the last paragraph of press release PR 0002-97 issued Jan. 2 which described changes in the Commodity Credit Corporation''s (CCC) Dairy Export Incentive Program. The following is a more accurate description of the changed policy.


Notice Number DEIP-FY98-1

Christopher E. Goldthwait, general sales manager for the U.S. Department of Agriculture''s Foreign Agricultural Service and vice president of CCC announced that CCC has made certain modifications in its policy concerning amendments to DEIP agreements. In the interest of providing more flexibility to exporters in working out unforeseen problems in fulfilling exports pursuant to DEIP agreements, and thus of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the program, Goldthwait said that henceforth CCC policy would:

1. permit exporters to amend DEIP agreements to change the buyer with no CCC review of the bonus as long as other significant terms of the agreement remain unchanged;

2. permit exporters to renegotiate lower export sales prices due to significant changes in world market conditions, and to amend DEIP agreements accordingly with no review of the bonus, provided other significant terms of the agreement remain unchanged and the renegotiated export price is reasonably in line with world prices; and

3. commit CCC to mitigating the amount by which bonuses would be reduced when agreements are amended to extend delivery periods. CCC has determined that this mitigation is warranted because, when CCC agrees to an extension of the original delivery period, exporters are normally not in a position to realize the full amount of theoretical gains from changes in U.S. market prices that may have occurred.

Goldthwait said that, with these policy changes, CCC expects that a higher proportion of amounts covered under DEIP agreements will be fully shipped and that U.S. DEIP exporters will be more competitive in the world market. For further information call (202) 720-3224.

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