April 7, 2004
Award 04-007P

Tender Nr: 034A-KYR-MC-FFP-04-007P
Shipper/charterer: Mercy Corps
Owner: Lykes Lines Ltd, LLC
Cargo description: to be containerized and must be delivered to stated
destination in the same container -

a. Ref Nr: 04MC4130-08 (FOR MONETIZATION)
Booking Nr: AIDBL00265
USDA Tracking Nr: 04-007-01
Commodity: Soybean Oil
MT: 1,500 
Pack size: 6/4 liter plastic jug
Origin: BNO
Load port: New Orleans
Ship NET/NLT: 05.06.04/05.20.04
Vessel: Lykes Motivator V036
ETA load port: 05.26.04
ETA relay Bremerhaven: 06.13.04
ETA final destination: 07.07.04
Final destination: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 
Booked rate: $276.13/MT (O/F - $65.00/MT, US inland - $31.50/MT,Foreign
inland- $179.63/MT)

b. Ref Nr: 04MC4130-09 (FOOD FOR WORK)
Booking Nr: AIDBL00266
USDA Tracking Nr: 04-007-02
Commodity: Soybean Oil
MT: 80
Pack size: 6/4 liter plastic jug
Origin: BNO
Load port: New Orleans
Ship NET/NLT: 04.21.04/05.05.04
Vessel: Lykes Navigator V 065
ETA load port: 05.12.04
ETA relay Bremerhaven: 05.30.04
ETA final destination: 06.23.04
Final destination: Osh, Kyrgyzstan
Booked rate: $313.53/MT (O/F-$70.00/MT, US inland - $41.00/MT, Foreign
inland - $202.53/MT)

04-007P Tender
March 26, 2004

Below is the inland freight tender for Mercy Corps Kyrgyzstan Inv 034A
for announcement - 

Request for Proposals Inland Transportation to Kyrgyzstan.

Tender Nr: 034A-KYR-MC-FFP-04-007P
Date: 25 March 2004

Panalpina Inc., Washington DC on behalf of Mercy Corps is requesting
proposals for the inland transportation, including in-transit customs
clearance and all related services for delivery of the following cargo
under the United States food humanitarian program:

1) Approximately 1,580 Net Metric Tons of edible Vegetable Oil for
humanitarian assistance to Kyrgyzstan. Cargo is valued at about $1500
per Net MT C&F.
2) Packing: in cartons containing 6 plastic jugs (bottles) of 4
liters each. Each carton is 48.60 lbs. Net weight and 54.00 lbs. Gross
3) From: A port of discharge to be stated in the bidders'
4) The Inland Contractor must deliver the cargoes to charterer /
receivers warehouses at Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan - 1500 Net Metric Tons and
Osh, Kyrgyzstan - 80 Net Metric Tons at the contractor's time, risk and
expense unstuffed from containers and stacked inside the warehouses.
5) Delivery of Cargo to Inland Contractor will be basis free
alongside vessel end of ship's tackle at discharge berth of carrier or
if containerized basis CY terms at carriers' terminal, port of discharge
to be mutually agreed upon.
6) Port of discharge shall be determined by correlating the ocean
carriers' offers for ocean freight from USA to a named port of discharge
and inland transportation contractors' offers named in their proposals
in response to this RFP. The intended award to be made based upon the
lowest combined costs of ocean transportation and inland transportation.
7) Cargo shall arrive at the port of discharge between end May to
Mid July 2004 to be narrowed upon contracting.
8) Inland Contractor shall have 45 days from last day of receiving
the cargo to deliver to the above named final destination. Thereafter
the contractor shall be liable for a delayed performance penalty at the
rate of $1.00 per Net MT for each day delay in delivery to the final
9) All customs clearances including in-transit shall be the
responsibility of the inland contractor. Customs clearance at final
destination shall be the responsibility of the charterer / receivers.
10) In order to be properly evaluated the bidders must include at
the minimum the following information:
* Name of Company, address, telephone number, fax number, name of
person in charge for negotiations and if available the email address.
* List of other branches/offices of company.
* Company experience in similar transportation, giving brief
description of past experience to what destination and reference name
and contact point for verification of services provided.
* Insurance and/or Bonding Certification - Giving type of coverage
and value of the coverage.
* Operational Plan - name port(s) of discharge that cargo can be
received at; taking delivery basis break bulk and or in containers;
intended mode(s) of transport from discharge port to Bishkek and Osh;
method of final delivery to receiver's warehouse in Bishkek and Osh;
estimated transit time for delivery; accepting responsibility of cargo
received against loss and or damage until final delivery to destination
and method for settlement of claims with Mercy Corps.
* Pricing for services offered in US Dollars per Net Metric Ton. 

11) Pricing should include a commission of 2.5% payable to Mercy
Corps' agent, Panalpina Inc. If the bidders wish to use a representative
in USA then they may do so by submitting their bids via said
representative in which case 2/3 of 2.5% will be paid to Panalpina Inc.
and 1/3 of 2.5% will be paid to Inland Transportation Contractor's
12) All other terms and condition shall be in accordance with the
Inland Freight Contract Proforma of Mercy Corps. Copy of which is
available from Panalpina Inc.
13) Offerors must submit their proposals in writing FAX or hand
delivered envelope to:
Panalpina Inc., 1100 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 520,
Washington, DC 20036 USA.
Fax No. 202 659 2830
14) Offers must be submitted in writing, via fax or hand delivered
envelope (email bids will not be considered) to the above address no
later than 11.00 AM Washington DC USA time on Tuesday, 30 March 2004.
Offers to remain valid until 5.00 PM Washington DC USA time Wednesday,
31 March 2004.
For further information please contact Mr. Ravi Singh or Mr. Norberto
Chavez at Tel No. 202 659 2825 or email addresses. Email:
ravi.singh@panalpina.com and/or norberto.chavez@panalpina.com.