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Food for Progress: Regulations

This page contains the Food for Progress program-specific regulations (7 CFR 1499) and the commodity procurement regulations (8 CFR Chapter 4), published 3/26/2009.  All Food for Progress Program Participants are required to comply with these regulations as well as with general USDA regulations, linked below.


Please note that these regulations have been posted for the convenience of Food for Progress Program Participants and applicants.  The only official source for program regulations is the Code of Federal Regulations as published by the U.S. Government Printing Office.



Download the Food for Progress Regulations

  • For Food for Progress agreements signed on or after March 26, 2009:

         7 CFR 1499 and 48 CFR, Chapter 4, Subchapter I, Part 470 (Published 3/26/2009)

  • For Food for Progress agreements signed before March 26, 2009:

          7 CFR 1499 (Published 11/29/1996)                                                          



Links to Other Applicable USDA Regulations

In addition to the program specific regulations (7 CFR 1499); some other general regulations apply to Food for Progress agreements.  Access these regulations using the links below.


What Regulations Apply to FFPr Agreements?

For your convenience, the following table illustrates the regulations, circulars, policies, and procedures that currently apply to USDA's Food for Progress program.



Applies to FFPr?

7CFR 1499


48 CFR Part 470


7 CFR 3015


7 CFR 3019

(OMB Circular A-110)


2 CFR 230

(OMB Circular A-122)


CFR 3052

(OMB Circular A-133)


Grant Agreement

Terms and Conditions


Fly America Act


Buy America Act




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