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Moldovan Children Express Gratitude for U.S. Food Aid

Through their drawings, children in Moldova thank Americans for school meals provided under USDA's Global Food for Education Initiative.

In the Moldova program, hot meals were provided to more than 260,000 preschool and primary school students. The school meals program was supported by USDA commodity donations to International Partnership for Human Development, a charitable organization.

The children's drawings were provided courtesy of ADSISTO NGO, which conducted monitoring and evaluation services for the Moldova school meals program.

Click on any of the drawings to see an enlarged image.

Drawing of Statue of Liberty, with rainbow and dove carrying olive branch
Tcaci Ecaterina

Drawing of bowl of food between U.S. and Moldovan flags; drawings of five children surround the grouping, with the words "Many Thanks" written in English and their language.
Bairac Violeta

Drawing of a bird with an envelope labeled "USA" that flies above a road/river that runs between land with trees.
Tcachi Antonina

White duck character holding a wheat stalk in its mouth and standing in front of a grape arbor
Martin Dumitrita

Drawing of children waving at a train bearing a U.S. flag that is traveling across the top of the drawing. Children are riding in one train car, and another car is carrying food.
Dashcevichi Bogdan

Drawing of bread on a table with a tablecloth.
Postica Viorica

Drawing of characters that are vegetables: tomato, carrot, turnip, and eggplant. The word "Vitamine" is writte on the top right of the drawing.
Florescu Mihaela

Bags of food on a magic carpet labeled "S.U.A." float toward the ground, where children wait beside the school.
Bordei Ariadna
Two ants hold a seed between them in the midst of green grass and blue flowers with leaves.
Tcaci Mariana

Drawing of a small village with houses, the school building, and a road, which leads to an archway with the town/village name. An airplane is flying overhead, labeled USA, and food bags are being dropped to the school, where stick people are waiting on the roof.
Telescu Vica
Drawing of a stick girl standing by a suitcase labeled "U.S.A. Donatie." The sun is shining, and there is a rainbow and sunflower.
Still life drawing of bread, a knife, fruit, gourds, a cup, and a pitcher.
Sclitos Carolina

Drawing of the school lunchroom, with places set for the student's meal.
Batrencia Daniela
Student bundled in heavy coat and fur hat waves a U.S. flag.
Kobam Demuc
Drawing of a sun character with food items (pretzel, apple, carrot, sausage, wheat, fish, sunflower, etc.) surrounding its face. A word in their language is written down the right side of the drawing.

Drawing of child next to table set with a bowl of food, a plate with bread and butter, utensils, and a cup. The child has a thought bubble that says, "Thanks!!!"
A teacher, Chisinau

Food bags sit on and under a table. A purple flower in a vase also sits on the table.
Olii Veronica
A drawing in four quadrants: 1. A U.S. flag, the acronym "S.U.A.," and the words "Alimentar ajutor"; 2. A delivery truck labeled with bags of food, a table place setting, a person's face, and the words "Ajutoz umanita ole gustaci alimentace!"; nearby are bags of food and bottled milk; 3. Chairs around a table set with bowls of food and utensils; a child's face with "Sos ole coztofi! Ajutoz umanitaz!"; 4.  Three children's faces with "Va multumim de acist ajutoz umanitaz! etc."
Vladcu Mariana

Bowl of noodles on green construction paper. The noodles are pieces of yarn glued to the paper, and the bowl is cut from white paper, painted, and glued.
Group work of children and
teachers, kindergarten Cealic

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