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USDA Selects Eligible Applicants for Global Food for Education Initiative

On Sept. 7, 2000, Secretary Glickman invited proposals for school feeding and related child nutrition projects under the Global Food for Education (GFE) initiative. A notice published in the Sept. 6th Federal Register outlined a two-step process for submitting proposals to USDA. First, interested cooperating sponsors were asked to document their abilities and experience in managing school feeding programs in developing countries. The deadline for submitting this information was Sept. 15.

After reviewing these submissions, USDA has selected 20 private voluntary organizations (PVO’s) determined to be the most capable of successfully conducting pilot programs under the GFE initiative. The government of the Dominican Republic was also approved for further consideration for GFE participation. The 20 PVO’s are listed in the table below.

In step two of the application process, the selected applicants may submit detailed proposals for specific GFE projects by Sept. 29, 2000, as outlined in the Federal Register notice. Approval of initial applications under step one does not confer acceptance of project proposals, which will be individually reviewed and evaluated by USDA. In addition to the 20 PVO’s shown below and the government of the Dominican Republic, the UN World Food Program is also eligible to participate under the GFE initiative.


Private Voluntary Organization



Washington, DC

Adventist Development & Relief, International

Silver Spring, MD


Washington, DC

Catholic Relief Services

Baltimore, MD


Atlanta, GA

Counterpart International, Inc.

Washington, DC

Feed the Children

Oklahoma City, OK

International Orthodox Christian Charities

Baltimore, MD

International Partnership for Human Development

Leesburg, VA

International Relief & Development, Inc.

Washington, DC

Land O’Lakes

Arlington, VA

Mercy Corps International

Portland, OR

Mercy-USA for Aid and Development

Plymouth, MI

Opportunities Industrialization Centers International

Philadelphia, PA

Project Concern International

San Diego, CA

Salesian Missions

Arlington, VA

Save the Children

Washington, DC


Washington, DC

World Share

San Diego, CA

World Vision

Washington, DC

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