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Helpful Hints for Completing an SF-424


For McGovern-Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program


In addition to the “Instructions for the SF-424” document, USDA/FAS has prepared the following information to help in completing this form.  This guidance is intended only for applications under the McGovern-Dole program.  The items below correspond with the entry number on the form.


1.                  Select the appropriate box under “Application.”  Most applications will be “Non-Construction.”


2.                  Provide the final date that your organization submits the application.  No applicant has been given an identifier so this item should remain blank.


3.                  N/A.


4.                  USDA/FAS will complete this item.


5.                  Self-explanatory.


6.                  Self-explanatory.


7.                  Non-profit or voluntary organizations should select the letter ‘N’ and then specify their organization type in the line provided.  Please provide indication of “Faith-based” or “Non-faith based.”


8.                  All applicants should select “new” under this item, even if they participated in the pilot Global Food for Education program.  The McGovern-Dole program is a newly legislated program.


9.                  Write “USDA/Foreign Agricultural Service.”


10.              There is no number for this section, but the following title should be entered:  “McGovern-Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program.”

11.              The project description should be similar to either sections 5(a) or 6 (e) of the Plan of Operation.


12.              Please list the country(ies) of donation.


13.              Self-explanatory.


14.              (a) Self-explanatory; (b) N/A.


15.              (a) Total cash requested from USDA/FAS; (b) Total cash and in-kind contributions that your organization is contributing to this proposal; (c) In most cases this will be N/A; (d) In most cases this will be N/A; (e) Total amount provided through other sources, e.g., USAID, State Dept., private contributions, foreign government assistance, etc.; (f) Estimated proceeds and interest received through monetization; and (g) Total of all items (a through f.)


16.              Check the box labeled “NO, Program is not covered by E.O. 12372.”


17.              Self-explanatory.


18.              Self-explanatory.